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EMOTRON Frekvences parveidotajs un Miksto starteri
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EMOTRON Frekvences parveidotajs un Miksto starteri


  Frekvences parveidotaju un Mīksto starteri 


Secure the flow and save energy




Emotron FDU AC drive has been developed to control flow and pressure. It offers efficient and reliable operation of pumps, fans and compressors, reducing energy and maintenance  costs. The series covers powers of up to 3,000 kW.


Emotron FDU AC drive for flow/pressure control


High dynamics for demanding applications


VFX emotron systempak


Emotron VFX AC drive is ideal for dynamic applications. Direct torque control, accurate speed control and efficient vector braking offers reliable control of, for example, cranes, crushers and centrifuges. The series covers motor powers of up to 3,000 kW.


Emotron VFX AC drive for dynamic applications


Small in size – large in functionality


VSA emotron systempak


Although small in size, the Emotron VSA/VSC AC drive is equipped with several advanced features. It offers reliable and efficient operation of, for example, pumps, fans, compressors, cranes and mixers. The series covers motors powers of 0.18 - 7.5 kW.

Emotron VSA/VSC AC drive for low powers


Speed control adds value to your machine


CDU emotron systempak


As a machine manufacturer, you can add value to your offer by integrating speed control. The Emotron CDU/CDX AC drive for motor mounting can be tailored to your choice of functionality, preset motor parameters, operator interface  and design.


Emotron CDU/CDX AC drive for motor mounting


Lift riding under full control


DSV emotron systempak


Emotron DSV/GSV lift drives offer high speed, safety and comfort. They are suited for all kinds of lifts: new and modernized, with or without gearbox, with synchronous or asynchronous drive technology, for machine-room or shaft mounting.


Emotron DSV/GSV drives for lift control



Soft starts – smart stops

Emotron MSF 2.0 softstarter offers optimized start and stop sequences, advanced braking techniques and built-in monitor functionality. The softstarter is developed for pump, fan, compressor, blower, crusher, mill, mixer and saw applications.

Smooth starts reduce your costs

Efficient torque control ensures an ultra-smooth start with constant acceleration. Reduced start currents and mechanical stress means lower installation, energy and maintenance costs. Torque boost can be used to overcome initial torque peaks when starting, for example, a loaded crusher.


Protect your process and maximize efficiency

A built-in shaft power monitor protects your process from damage, downtime and inefficiency. It reacts immediately if a crusher is jammed, a pump is running dry or a fan filter is blocked. Any deviation from your selected load levels will result in a warning or a quick but smooth stop.


 Smart stops – smooth or quick

Emotron MSF offers efficient solutions, whether the need is a smooth or a quick stops. A linear stop of a pump eliminates the risk of water hammer. No motor-controlled valves are needed. Built-in braking functionality ensures quick and safe stops of mills and saws without mechanical brakes.


Programmable inputs increase flexibility

Four programmable inputs offer great flexibility. The rotating direction of a fan can be controlled by programming two inputs for start left/right. No external PLC is required. You can connect an external alarm signal to stop the motor if a problem occurs. An analogue sensor can be connected directly to the Emotron MSF to control the start and stop levels of a pump.


Quick and cost-efficient installation

Installing an Emotron MSF is quick and cost-efficient. There is no need for the additional equipment often required – DC brakes, motor protection relays, mains failure relays, load monitors, meters, displays or switches. Everything you need is included in the Emotron MSF unit.


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